Entry #10

What do you do?

2009-06-15 15:01:46 by Nqkoi1

Are you a fan of D&D?

Do you like MSpaint adventures?

Well I just launched(in BETA) What-do-you-do.net.It's an online RPG, fully dictated by the community(no registration required).Anyone can suggest actions(well currently main character creation) and I will draw them while decideing the story and outcome of the actions.

To participate just leave a comment under the latest panel.

It has some problems with IE users, so try opening it in another browser.

What do you do?


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2009-06-15 16:18:58

Sounds fun.


2009-06-15 20:02:35

oh dear god an MSPA with its own website. This requires publicity on the mspa forums. :O

Nqkoi1 responds:

Well...it's not made in MSpaint :/...


2009-06-15 20:29:07

this is great nice job chris


2009-07-15 00:44:57

Lol, Those are all pretty epic. Good idea!


2009-09-19 16:57:22

More publicity! By the way, this is Notoria on the forums. :)


2009-11-25 12:34:07

bravo pich unikalen si kvo da ti kaja :)


2009-12-20 20:55:22

Who said a little free publicity never hurt anyone?


2010-05-26 05:41:14

Lol I think I remember your account from like 07 or 08 or 09 on the BBS.


2010-06-13 19:36:08

what were my thoughts, hmmmmm, that this site is pawesome